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Thomas Wayne King writes stories and creates original music of the Lake Superior Northland. His words and melodies celebrate the North with tales, history and fun. Thomas lives near the ancient shores and portage trails of Upper St. Croix Lake in northwestern Wisconsin, not far from Lake Superior. He is active in our Northland paradise in all seasons, sharing his joy of this place in his new books, songs and music.

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“…delicious with details –visual and educational. A really good read.”

Wascott, WI

“Cliff hanger. Lots going on! “

Eau Claire, WI

“…books and music always fun. Learned a lot!”


“Can’t wait for the next installment of Trash Picker.”


“Clear, lively writing…”


“Enjoyed books and learned much that was new…”

Chicago, IL

Book Samples

Excerpts from Tales from the Red Pump

Red Pump Beginnings

from Tales from the Red Pump Pages 1-2 Can one place hold all your dreams?  I believe it can.  The Red Pump marks that place for me.     The Red Pump is a worn, upright cast-iron hand pump we bolted to our water well here years ago in Solon Springs.  This humble monument is my center […]

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Best of Show

from Tales from the Red Pump Pages 30-34      The huge toad almost got splattered by my lawn mower.       I was cutting thick grass and ground cover, near our Red Pump in Solon Springs in June 1985, when my rotary power mower passed over a lump on the ground.  The lump looked like a dark rock […]

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Ice Lemon

from Tales from the Red Pump Pages 113-116      Upper St. Croix Lake was a frozen mirror on December 9, 2006.  It was already 3 pm that sunny, cold day, and I knew the light would fade soon.  At this latitude in December, we have usable sunlight for lake skating only until about 5 pm, depending […]

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