Create All You Can Each Day!

Create All You Can Each Day!
a lifetime of writing

Thomas Wayne King

At age nine, Tom published and presented a short article on model rocketry, igniting his lifelong career as word nerd, author and folk composer.  Later, Tom’s professional textbooks with Simon & Schuster/Allyn & Bacon, Boston, focused on human factors and ergonomics in assistive technology, and on adapted computer access via coded switch movements for persons living with severe disabilities. Both books gained global acclaim and still enjoy sustained circulation: Assistive Technology: Essential Human Factors (1999) and Modern Morse Code in Rehabilitation and Education: new applications in assistive technology (2000).

A proven clinician, researcher and educator, Tom retired from UW-Eau Claire in 2005. As professor emeritus of communication sciences and disorders, he writes daily across genres. His 5-volume collection of Lake Superior Northland tales, essays, songs and poems celebrates their family’s northern, 1800s old-growth forest homestead. Tom writes to preserve history and lore, and to honor his sister, Karen, who endured daunting challenges during her rugged life. Tales from the Red Pump (2009), his first Northland series volume, was followed by Sailor of the Sun (2001-2019), Neighborhood of Bears (2008-2018), and Magic Snow Socks (2019-2020). His 700-page combined collection, Red Pump Chronicles (2020), is archived at Wisconsin Historical Society Library, Madison.

In 2022, Tom’s newest book releases included ADD HUMAN – human factors & ergonomics for all of us and Writing with Lighting – wonder and magic of telegraph codes, plus his unique, creative nonfiction series  Noon at the Nerd Table, and his gritty, fictional environmental-action series set in our changing natural world,  Trash Picker – books 1 and 2, with book 3 in progress.

With author wife Debra (Gravedigger’s Daughter – growing up rural, 2022), Tom developed and co-wrote their popular collection of farm and garden tales, raps and rhymes:  Oh My Gosh… Have We Got Squash! (2021) Both authors have more books in progress. Inspired by, and during, his diverse book projects, many of Tom’s 100-plus instrumentals, songs and raps are on his numerous music and spoken-word studio albums, registered ASCAP.  Tom’s and Debbi’s books and music are available at and at other online sellers and stores.

“Create all you can each day!” is Tom’s life motto. He strives for that ideal of living fully and savoring inspirations for more stories, essays, articles, books and songs offered by every new day.